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 Rules & Regulations


  1. NO COACHING!: While cheering is encouraged, coaching during games is strictly prohibited. Embrace our ethos of "Just Let'em Play" and allow your child to grow within the game without interference.

  2. Parental Assistance in 3rd and 4th Grade Divisions: Parents or guardians may sit with players in the 3rd and 4th grade divisions for the first two weeks to assist with substitutions. However, any coaching behavior will result in relocation from the designated area.

  3. Liability Waivers: All players must have a completed liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian to participate. In case of a shortage of players, teams are allowed to bring substitutes, each of whom must also have a completed waiver.

  4. Appreciate the Officials: Take a moment to acknowledge and thank referees or staff members who demonstrate excellence in their roles.

  5. Maintain Cleanliness: Help keep the facility clean by picking up garbage and water bottles at the end of games.

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